Fernandinho Provides Fascinating Insight Into Phil Foden's Development At Man City

Fernandinho has said there was 'no surprise at all' at the rapid rate of Phil Foden's development at Manchester City, as he sets to start in a Champions League final at 21 years of age.
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The club captain was talking to the press ahead of the clubs first ever European final, and he was asked about Phil Foden and why he's impacting games on the highest level.

"Me personally it's no surprise at all," Fernandinho said, "Foden has been training with us four five years already and he's grown up so much. The quality he has his hard to find and the desire he has is incredible."

"He grew up so much in this competition this season, when we start the season no one knows what will happen but he has kept his feet on the ground and I think that's one of the reasons he's at the level he is now."

"He's a very important player and I hope it keeps going in the future"

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Fernandinho continued to discuss Foden's importance to the Manchester City side and how his development has certainly accelerated this season:

"He's turning 21 now and I think he changed his understanding of the game especially to play for City." 

"How this team works, how this team plays, you have to understand your teammates, when to pass the ball. This kind of understanding he learned so much int he last two years and that's another reason why he is so important."

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One journalist reminded the 36 year-old that he could become the only Brazilian captain in the country's history to lift such a historic trophy, and it's something he'd hold in the highest of regards:

"To win the Champions League is a big accomplishment and as a Brazilian to have an opportunity to win the trophy is a proud moment." 

"I hope we can do well during the game, play good, and enjoy the moment. But it's going to be one of the proudest moments of my life."

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