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Fernandinho Reveals What Happens To Man City Stars When 'They Don't Commit Themselves' In Training

Fernandinho has revealed how committed Manchester City's players have to be in training, or else they face dropping from the starting XI.

City's club captain is gearing himself up for another month of intense football in three different competitions. However, the Brazilian is no stranger to hard work, becoming a stalwart in the midfield for over eight years now.

Since arriving in Manchester, Fernandinho has earned rave reviews about his hard-working, intelligent way of playing football. Appearing 352 times, the midfielder has picked up 10 major trophies. 

Fernandinho has also received high praise for his leadership qualities, resulting in his becoming the club's permanent captain in 2020. 

Recently, he was also reportedly offering some words of advice to Manchester City's EDS squad during the international break.

Speaking to Manchester City's Portuguese-speaking fans for a feature on Twitter, the 36-year-old has been discussing what it takes for the club to be successful at such a high level and what happens to players who don't show similar levels of commitment.

“The results and level of play we’ve had at City goes according to this determination from each player in training," Fernandinho began.

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"I can’t name one, two players who dedicate themselves more, the whole squad knows the importance of training well to play well later."

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"If the lad doesn’t commit himself, he’ll be out of the City starting XI. I think this is the best way for us to behave ourselves as a high level team which wants to win big things,” the midfielder concluded.

Certainly a strict way of operating, but it's a way that's brought so much success to the football club since Pep Guardiola's arrival in Manchester. Four Premier League titles later, Fernandinho is still hungry for more.

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