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Former Manchester City Captain Vincent Kompany Is Determined To Have His Own Playstyle

At just 36-years-old Vincent Kompany has got his first job in English football after a few years in charge of Belgium side Anderlecht and every football fan will be keeping an eye on how he does as he has been given the difficult task of getting Burnley back into the Premier League.

He only left Manchester City in 2019 and has only been retired for two years as originally he was player manager at Anderlecht, now he has the challenge of taking on the Championship.

Vincent Kompany

Kompany at a press conference 

Whilst at Manchester City Kompany spent three seasons under Pep Guardiola and he was never a consistent starter due to annoying injury issues however due to how influential Guardiola is there is an expectation that Kompany will try to base his style of play at Burnley off his former boss.

However he is eager for that to not to be the case as in a press conference he said: "I could sit here all day telling you what I picked up from my managers but at the end of the day I’m going to be my own man.

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"That’s why I am going to do everything I can to draw the emphasis away from Pep. He’s such a fantastic coach but I am still only 36 and I’ve already got three years of valuable experience as a manager. 

"That is why I am coming into this project at the right time. I am extremely respectful and some things are in your blood and will never go away. But I don’t need anyone to tell me how good I was as a player because I really don’t care."

His Burnley side kick off the Championship season away to Huddersfield on the 29th July.