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Nobody involved with Manchester City would tell you that Gabriel Jesus was a bad player in his time at the club, but it is hard to deny that the Brazil striker has looked much improved in his new surroundings at Arsenal. 

The former City man has averaged a goal contribution in every league game so far this season, scoring four goals and providing three assists in just seven Premier League matches. 

And while the Brazilian did have bright seasons for his old club, he has looked far more prolific thus far for The Gunners and is already halfway to matching his goalscoring record from last season. 

Gabriel Jesus

Many have speculated on the factor behind Jesus' upturn in form at his new club, ranging from confidence issues to lack of game time but the 25-year-old has said that he believes it comes down to him simply being more suited to Mikel Arteta's style of football. 

"The thing was the way (Pep Guardiola) understands football and what he wanted (from the players)," the ex-City man told ESPN"Then it was up to you to accept it or not. If you don't accept it, 'thank you' and let's go for another challenge. 

"I accepted it for a while, but there came a moment when I said: 'I want another thing for myself.' I thanked him, 'thanks for everything,' he understood, and we moved on.

Discussing why he prefers Arteta's style over Guardiola's, Jesus said: "The striker (in Guardiola's system didn't touch the ball that much, you see this by watching the games. And, when it was time to touch the ball, it was not the striker, because [Guardiola] ended up putting a midfielder to come closer. OK, fine. So, I decided to change."

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"I talked a lot with Arteta about Arsenal's style, he knows me, I know him, I understood what he wanted from me. Now, I'm free on the pitch, playing football with a smile on my face and trying to do my best all the time."

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While some may perceive Jesus' comments as potentially showing disrespect to his former manager, what he's said does seem to make logical sense. 

There is no denying that the striker seems more well suited to Arteta's system, evidenced by the number of goal contributions he has provided thus far this season. 

And there's little reason for City fans to complain about Jesus' departure, considering that he made way for Erling Haaland, who has fit Manchester City like a glove so far this season. 

Erling Haaland

Ultimately, the club have sold a striker who wasn't all that well suited to their system, despite his clear talent, and signed an elite-level striker who is more effective in said system. 

The club have allowed Jesus to move on and he is now flourishing at a club who have a style of play that is better tailored to the Brazilian's qualities, in a move that has seemed like a win-win for both parties so far.  

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