'I'm trying to put stuff into place myself' - Man City star plans to establish £10 million foundation to help young people


Manchester City and England forward Raheem Sterling is set to continue his commendable charity work by establishing his own foundation to help disadvantaged young people, as per the latest reports from the Sunday Times.

Sterling is reported to be ready to put over £1,000,000 into the foundation himself - but will look to gain additional support from Manchester City and his own sponsors to see that initial figure rise by around 10x that amount.

The Jamaican born winger experienced hardship himself growing up, and he is keen to do what he can to use his privileged position now to help out youngsters who are in a similar position to him during his childhood. 

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"I'm trying to put into place stuff myself. Stuff to give young people in the same circumstances I was in another shot", Sterling said.

Additionally, the funds will not just be aimed at developing those with sporting talent. "If there is a university they want to go to, football equipment they need, other things, I want to be a helping hand", the England international said. 

Raheem Sterling's ambition is for the foundation to improve the life chances of those in families suffering financial hardship, providing university scholarships and work placements, and support for those from unprivileged backgrounds. 

The winger added: "I’m not really fussed about having this million and that million. What will make me happy is seeing I am able to help. Even if it’s five people, even if it’s one, at least I have helped someone come out of their bubble and experienced that there is something better to England."


Alongside his international teammate Marcus Rashford, Sterling is doing his part to address issues that arise from the systemic inequalities in society, and the duo are both putting pride into the city of Manchester.


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