“It’s hard to find consistency!” - Kevin De Bruyne reflects on Man City’s lack of attacking threat after Spurs loss

Shruti Sadbhav

Following Manchester City's 2-0 defeat to Spurs on Saturday night, club captain Kevin De Bruyne identified several important issues that have adversely the side's attacking front since the very beginning of the season.

The Belgian international believes that the players lack consistency up front, and recognised the frequent injuries sustained by the strikers as the primary reason behind the issue. However, De Bruyne seemed content with City’s ability to restrict Spurs to very few chances, and insisted that his teammates have to become more clinical in front of goal.

Here’s what De Bruyne had to say about the problems in Manchester City’s attack:

“I think we played well, but we missed that cutting edge. To keep Tottenham to three or four chances is quite good but obviously, if you’re not sharp enough in front of goal, which is what is happening lately, then it’s tough."


The current PFA Player of the Year went on to say, “It’s been up and down with the players coming in then going out. It’s very difficult for players to be coming back from injury, to be sharp directly, so it’s been a lot of changes with people in and out.”

“It’s difficult to find consistency. The first two-thirds of the pitch we are playing really well, but the end needs to be sharper. But that will come, and hopefully, it will be sooner than later.”

De Bruyne did seem hopeful about his Manchester City side gaining momentum once again. However, it's fair to say that the former Premier League champions are now under significantly more pressure to get back in form, with the gap between themselves and the league leaders ever-expanding.


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Skema menyerang yang lambat, sudah tidak terlihat lagi tiki-takanya, finishing yang kurang baik dan terkesan lama dalam mengeksekusi tembakan. Serta kehilangan David Silva, permainan lini tengah kurang kreatif.