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Kevin De Bruyne Believes This Premier League Title Win is 'the Best' of His Manchester City Career

Kevin De Bruyne believes Manchester City's Premier League triumph this season is 'the best' of his career.

While Manchester City picked up their eighth domestic league title on Sunday, Kevin De Bruyne was also awarded with the 46th individual accolade of his stellar career - the Premier League Player of the Season.

Again, the Belgian has turned up in the biggest moments for the club during the campaign. Despite his assist numbers not in their usual double figures, De Bruyne has scored a career-high 15 Premier League goals.

Speaking after his fourth domestic title win, the 30-year-old has tried to recall his feelings during the crazy final day drama.


"I don’t think Aston Villa knew what was coming and we were just attacking and attacking. I don’t even know, after the last goal, we just kept the ball somewhere, it doesn’t matter. Keep it as far as possible from our goal and that is fine!”

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Moving on to talking about the achievement as a whole, De Bruyne believes this title win is the best of his career - especially considering his injury troubles at the beginning of the season.

“For me to be honest, with how I felt at the beginning of the year, this title is by far the best one out of the four," the Belgian said.

"I had a tough time physically and mentally and I admit that it is fine. So, for me, this is so sweet, the way I came back this season is amazing. I am proud, this is the only thing I can say.”

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