Kyle Walker Admits He Is Aware of Friends Questioning Pep Guardiola Tactics Against Chelsea

Manchester City full-back Kyle Walker has been speaking ahead of the summer's European Championships, covering matters relating to Manchester City's recent Champions League woes and his future at the club.
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An unhappy subject for Kyle Walker at present is the Champions League, following Manchester City's devastating defeat in the showpiece final to Chelsea at the end of last month.

Speaking on the suggestions that manager Pep Guardiola got his tactics wrong on the big stage, while exclusively in conversation with the Mail, the Englishman said, "Listen, people can talk. I’ve seen a few things or my mates have text me about tactics, personnel, this that and the other."

"It’s a game of football, it’s 95 minutes and anything can happen. Obviously we wanted the result to go our way but the manager, or whoever, he picks who he feels can go and get the result and what’s best for the club. When he gets it right nobody says anything and when he gets it wrong – or when they think he’s got it wrong – people are questioning things," he continued.

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Kyle Walker went on to admit that, whilst some of the criticism coming Manchester City's way is harsh, those selected to start the game did not do themselves justice, as he explained, "I think it’s a little bit unfair sometimes when as soon as Manchester City don’t win then it’s tactics or maybe players on the pitch, but we needed to do more and it’s as simple as that."

"I don’t think we created enough in the game and I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn by saying that, I think everyone could tell on the pitch."

The 31-year-old hasn't given up on his Champions League ambitions, and feels that Manchester City's position is strong enough to keep pushing for a victorious campaign.

"I think with the squad we’ve got, with the manager we’ve got, with the club that we’re playing for we should be going and winning the Champions League, we all know that. We all know that the players, at least since I’ve been there, have been signed to go and get it."

"Yeah, OK, we can go and win the Premier League and I think we’re so fortunate to win three in four years, but we do need a Champions League as a club because I hear a lot of people saying it’s probably one of the greatest Premier League teams ever. OK, yeah, that’s great, fantastic for me to even be involved in a team like that, but to be classed as one of the best teams ever I think you need the Champions League and that’s something that we are missing."

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Coming off the back of a 42-game season at club level, Kyle Walker appears to be as fit as ever, but at his age players can sometimes start to wind down. The right-back doesn't seem to want to stop though.

"I’m 31 now so time is not going to stop for me to just keep playing more tournaments, but seriously I feel so fit, I feel so strong, I don’t feel 31, I still feel 26. I try and stay as stupid as possible around the changing room and mixing with the younger lads to keep my mind young."

He continued, "My career is running out which is sad for me to say but I don’t think it’s going to run out any time soon because I still feel great and still feel strong and I’m definitely still the quickest at City, so I’ve told them as soon as I stop being then I’ll start thinking about things."

You can read the full interview between Kyle Walker and the Mail here.

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