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Manchester City Looking to Capitalise on Billion-Dollar Virtual Reality Market

Premier League champions Manchester City are reportedly interested in tapping into the 'metaverse' market, with a new drive towards the billion-dollar virtual reality market, as per new information.

There is no denying that Manchester City are one of the finest run-clubs in Europe.

A new report by the Athletic, relaying information from KPMG, can certainly defend such a statement, as Manchester City’s total operating revenue last season (€644 million) exceeded Manchester United’s (€557 million) by a staggering €87 million.

Manchester City are also said to have recently inspired Southampton’s new ownership, with the latest buyer of the Saints reportedly ‘replicating’ the club’s City Football Group model.

As per a new report by the iPaper, Manchester City are to wanting to ‘capitalise’ on the billion-dollar virtual reality market of the ‘metaverse’ phenomenon - a relatively untapped market in professional and commercial football.

It has been reported that the Premier League champions, through the City Football Group, are looking to be ahead of the curve once again and tap into what they believe is the next biggest movement in ‘fan experiences.

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This news comes after the City Football Group umbrella company has been advertising for jobs in their Strategy and Ventures Team recently, looking for candidates that can ‘identify growth opportunities within the Metaverse.’

The job requirement, as highlighted by the report from the iPaper, also demands interested applicants to ‘explore new and progressive areas of business development such as NFTs.’

It was only in 2021 that Manchester City signed a deal with Sony for the mission of developing fan experience and the club had stated that they are the ‘cutting edge of the market’.

With the metaverse considered to be the next biggest advancement in technology, it is an encouraging sight to witness Manchester City embrace the change in such proactive fashion.

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