Man City Officials Show Strong Stance on FIFA’s Biennial World Cup Plans

Manchester City have joined a growing list of opposition to FIFA’s plans to hold the World Cup every two years.
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The World Cup is widely recognised as the most prestigious competition within the sport, and football’s governing body FIFA are currently exploring the possibility of holding the event on a biennial basis.

The current format of the tournament occurring once every four years has been the case since the competition’s inception, and the proposals to increase the frequency of the tournament emanates from FIFA’s intention to substantially increase their revenue streams.

Many fans and players are against the idea owing to the notion that it would make the event less prestigious. Whilst a growing army of clubs are also opposed to the concept, and now, Manchester City officials have made their stance on the matter clear. 

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According to a report by the Manchester Evening News, Manchester City have joined a growing army of clubs who are opposed to the prospect of the World Cup being held once every two years.

According to the source, the principal reasoning for the club's stance is due to player welfare and, whilst speaking at a recent European Club Association meeting, Manchester City’s CEO Ferran Soriano stated; “There is no space for anything. No room at all. The players cannot play more games, that’s for sure.”

Should the controversial proposals come to fruition, then it will likely require a restructure of the existing domestic football schedule.

Whilst consequently, the European Championship finals would be held in the years the World Cup is not being contested, meaning that international footballers would not be granted a summer break every two years as is currently the case.

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Footballers are already widely viewed as being overworked and with this being the case, many top clubs are likely to be against the idea as their players will resultantly be overworked owing to the significant increase in matches that they will play.

Despite the general lack of an appetite for the World Cup to be held every two years amongst fans, players and clubs, FIFA appears to be set on sounding out proposals for the tournament to be held on a biennial basis. 

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