Neither Man City nor UEFA request public hearing for CAS appeal

Manchester City's appeal against a two-year ban from the UEFA Champions League begins in June.
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Neither Manchester City or UEFA have requested a public hearing when the Court of Arbitration for Sport hears City's appeal against a two-year ban from European competition, according to the Manchester Evening News. 

City was handed a fine and a two-year ban by UEFA after the club had breached Financial Fair Play rules. Immediately, City maintained their innocence and made it clear that they would be launching an appeal.

The appeal is set to be heard by CAS between 8th and 10th June. Given the current social distancing guidelines due to the coronavirus outbreak, CAS Secretary General Matthieu Reeb has said the format of the hearing is still not decided. 

'At this time, only the dates have been confirmed. The format of the hearing (in-person, video link or a mixture of the two) has not yet been confirmed. Due to the current travel situation and restrictions on entering Switzerland, a full in-person hearing is very unlikely.

Neither party has requested a public hearing. It will not be possible for media to view the proceedings.'

City have been preparing their case since they learned UEFA was investigating their finances and with both sides confident with their own respective cases, a three-day hearing may not be enough.

However, Reeb has said a timetable is still to be finalised and could not offer a time frame for when a decision will be announced. 

'Following the hearing, the Panel will deliberate and will start drafting the Arbitral Award containing its decision. It is not possible to predict at this time how long this process will take.'

City will be hoping to know their fate before the new season and whether the team will be able to participate in 2020/21 Champions League. 

While the club believes a ban from European competition will not affect their transfer business this summer, there is a fear that some of City's stars may leave in order to feature in club football's biggest competition. 


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