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Oleksandr Zinckenko Names Who He Believes is the Best Player in Man City's History

Oleksandr Zinchenko has provided a long list of candidates of who could potentially be the greatest player in Manchester City's history.

Since the Abu Dhabi Group's takeover in 2008, City's success has gone stratospheric - and with that, fans of the club have been treated to watching some of the finest footballers of this generation.

Five Premier League titles later, some of the club's greatest players have come and gone, with new high-quality players taking their place in the squad.

Speaking with Kevin De Bruyne on Manchester City's YouTube channel this week as part of a new feature, Oleksandr Zinchenko was asked who he feels is the best player to ever play for the club.

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“It’s a difficult one. I can’t choose only one. It’s definitely between Sergio [Aguero], David [Silva], Vincent [Kompany]," the Ukrainian international said.

"I think Kevin [De Bruyne] needs some time to be there, maybe a couple more seasons and he will be one of them. It’s one of those three, Fernandinho as well." 

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Zinchenko concluded, "It’s a difficult one, I can’t choose, with all my respect and love for the others. I’m so lucky to have played with all of them."

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Zinchenko did have a notably close relationship with former club captain Vincent Kompany. 

In multiple documentaries centred on the dressing room, the 24-year-old told the cameras that since his first day at the club, Kompany had taken him under his wing. 

Alongside David Silva and Sergio Agüero, the trio have been the biggest contributors the most to the club's recent success - but they did all bring something so brilliantly different to the table.

So picking who was the best out of that group was always going to be difficult for Zinchenko.

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