Pep Guardiola identifies 'three problem areas' of the Man City squad


Pep Guardiola has identified three problem areas of the Manchester City squad which need consideration for the upcoming summer transfer window, according to SPORT as relayed by Sport Witness.

The Catalan boss has spent the past few weeks looking into the weaknesses of his Manchester City squad, and has picked out three problems in particular - the left-back area, the captaincy situation and the challenge of replacing Sergio Agüero. 

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Starting with the left-back situation. This season was supposed to be Benjamin Mendy’s 'consecration campaign’, but as it's turned out, he's shared the starting spot with Oleksandr Zinchenko. 

The dilemma is whether Pep Guardiola chooses to stick with the two options at his disposal, or opt for a new signing. This decision is said to be 'the great unknown'. 

The second problem is the role of captain, set to be made vacant by the departing David Silva. The obvious option to take on the role is Fernandinho, but the club are also considering a younger player like Kevin De Bruyne. 

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Finally, the plan post-Agüero has to be agreed. Gabriel Jesus has lacked consistency in his time in Manchester so far; so a decision needs to be made whether the Brazilian is an adequate replacement. 


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Alphie Izzett
Alphie Izzett

Quote: "Gabriel Jesus has lacked consistency in his time in Manchester so far; so a decision needs to be made whether the Brazilian is an adequate replacement." ends

Seriously? Do you believe that?

Gabriel is probably the most accomplished 22 year old second choice striker in world football. A young player with an excellent attitude to go with a fine temperament and outstanding technical ability. His stat speak for themselves. Playing second fiddle to Sergio Aguero has meant less exposure than he may have liked but playing in a squad as talented as Manchester City means that he has had to earn every minute by being on top of his game all of the time.

Since arriving age 19 he has played a part in 139 games averaging 56 mins per appearance, scoring 63 times and making 25 assists. That's one goal or assist every 89 minutes.

This season he has made 39 appearances, 18 goals and provided a goal or assist every 82 minutes as he continues to improve.

Furthermore, his stats in Champions League are even better than in the general run of games. he has p appeared in 21 games an average of 57 minutes per appearance, has scored 13 times with a goal or assists every 82 minutes.

In this season's CL so far he has scored 5 times, a goal or assist every 58 minutes.

Add to this that his movement and energy around the pitch, the runs he makes the space he finds, makes defending against him a nightmare and provides space for others to exploit.

So please, what does he have to do to convince?