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Pep Guardiola Opens Up on Being Happy When Manchester City Lose BUT Play Well

Pep Guardiola has opened up on the assumption that the Manchester City coach can be left happy, even if his side fall to defeat, but put in a good performance, during a recent conversation with Soccer AM.

It’s fair to say that Manchester City have been in a league of their own so far this season.

Sitting nine points clear at the top of the Premier League table and only recently seeing an end to their incredible 12-game winning streak, Manchester City have swatted past teams without the presence of a natural striker.

In a new interview with Soccer AM’s Tubes on YouTube this week, Pep Guardiola was asked to reveal his favourite City performance so far this season, but was unable to come to a conclusion.

I don’t know. We were consistent, like we have been in the last seasons. This is I think our huge quality; to be humble enough, to go into every game to try and do our game, and to know it will not be an exception," the Catalan coach said.

Results are always random. But try to be consistent, and perform as best as possible - this is always the target, the results after will be a consequence. Try to do our best, our game, every game."

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Pep Guardiola also gave an insight into why he feels happy if his side lose, but end up putting in a quality performance.

I’m more concerned when we don’t play properly good. That makes me feel, ‘Okay, something we have to review’, or ‘What do we have to do to come back to our best’."

He continued, “But in football, you can play excellently and not win, and play not good and win. The feeling, the satisfaction for a result; it takes five, 10, 15 minutes, but what remains stable in the future is the confidence in the performance. This is what we have to try to maintain."

These comments from Pep Guardiola indicate that despite how dominant his Manchester City side have been so far this season, his feet always remain planted on the ground, as the boss is constantly striving for greatness.

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