"Protect the players with five substitutes...” - Pep Guardiola questions rule on substitutions

Adam Booker

As COVID-19 football starts to become normal, one thing players and managers would have liked to remain normal was the five substitutes rule, which was used during project restart matches to keep players fresh. 

Since the addition of that rule, the Premier League has decided to revert back to the regular rule of three substitutes per match. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola expressed his displeasure with the leagues decision:

“I don’t understand why, in this incredible period, when everyone is concerned about Covid-19 and is not allowed to go to the restaurants and is not allowed to do what you want to do, that you cannot protect the players with five substitutes...” 

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With a short off-season and a long season of fixture congestion ahead, injuries amongst players could dramatically increase. Not to mention the European Championships are just around the corner. The quality of football may take a hit during this period as games could be played slower due to players beginning to tire.


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