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Ranking Every Single Barcelona Player That Could Be Offered to Man City in a Player Exchange Deal

Following months of consistent speculation linking Barcelona with a number of Manchester City players, we've ranked every single player that the Camp Nou club could possible offer to the Etihad Stadium as part of a player exchange.

The secret is out - Barcelona want to sign two of Manchester City's star forwards. 

Reports linking Raheem Sterling with a move to Camp Nou have been intensifying since the summer, but last week the bombshell that Ferran Torres is also a target of the Catalan club - and wants to join - really kickstarted rumours.

Barcelona's problem is that they haven't got an awful lot of money.

This has come as a surprise to nobody and, presumably, a great pleasure to Real Madrid fans. So, to get around this minor obstacle, the club are reportedly offering half of the deadwood in their squad to Manchester City in a somewhat transparent attempt to kill two birds with one stone.

I like Ferran Torres, and I've always been a fan of Raheem Sterling. To be clear, I'd like them both to stay. But if they were hypothetically going to leave, well, we might as well have some fun with it.

It'd be interesting to see just what we could milk out of Barça's udders in exchange for a departing forward on our end.

With that in mind, I've ranked all of Barcelona's current senior players (including a couple of youngsters who play for the first team often) from "you can keep him, thanks" to "I'm listening" to "I'd snap your hand off for that".

We'll start with the players I wouldn't want to see in Manchester (i.e. most of the guys Barcelona are reportedly offering City) and work up to the ones I'd love to see in blue. 

Loan players are excluded because, however much they might like to, I'm not sure Barça actually have the legal right to receive money or goods for them.

That's enough waffle - let's get started with the countdown...

Honorable Mention: Sergio Agüero

It goes without saying that we'd all love to see the Argentine back at Manchester City in some capacity in the future, but considering his current absence with heart problems, I've left him off this list. 

23. Dani Alves

Having only just returned to Spain a few weeks ago, the 38-year-old hasn't played in Europe for two and a half years. He also turned down City to join PSG in 2017 and plays in a position where we already have two world-class options. Hard pass.

22. Eric García 

Nice try, Barça. We already tried this and some City fans are still recovering. 

21. Eric Garnier

Not familiar with this player, I have to admit, but they say he's a promising young French centre-back from - hang on, that's Eric García with a fake moustache. We're not fooling for that one either.

21. Samuel Umtiti

We've already got four centre-backs who get in the team ahead of the Frenchman on current form, plus a couple more out on loan and Luke Mbete in the academy. Although it would be nice to add a World Cup winner to the squad...

20. Martin Braithwaite

I'm sure he's a great guy, but come on Xavi, let's be serious now.

19. Neto

I can't see what use Barça's back-up goalkeeper would be to us when we've already got that position sorted. Best case scenario is that we can ship him off to some half-concentrating rich club for a decent fee, under the pretence that he's Wolves' forward Pedro Neto.

18. Sergi Roberto

Only this high on the list because he can sort of play in a couple of positions, but Barcelona fans seem desperate to get rid, so maybe not. Has the added distinction of scoring one of the most famous goals of all time, just as the aforementioned Agüero did back in 2012, but that's about it.

17. Philippe Coutinho

You can never have too many Brazilians, but where would he play? And we have one ex-Liverpool player in the squad as it is, which I think we can all agree is already kind of pushing it.

16. Clément Lenglet

Trying to offer two different French centre-backs is a sneaky move, Barça, but you're not getting it past us. We know your game. 

Lenglet is a bit higher than Umtiti because he's at least a couple of years younger and his decline started a couple of years later. Not much later, mind you.

15. Ousmane Dembélé

There's just a glimmer of a chance that Pep Guardiola could turn him into a world-beater, but he's just too injury prone.

I also think Barcelona need to face the consequences for their insane decision to splash almost £100 million (without even considering add-ons) on the Frenchman. They should really have been made to work with a fiver a week of pocket money first to teach them about responsibility.

14. Riqui Puig

Not really kicked on the way a lot of people expected, but there is at least a talented player in there who we could loan out and sell for a decent profit. He's just unfortunate that Barcelona have more young midfielders than La Liga wins this season. 

I should probably point out that I don't think there's any chance of any of the next thirteen players being swapped for Raheem Sterling or Ferran Torres, but if you don't ask, you don't get...

13. Marc-André ter Stegen

Undoubtedly a great player (even if recent form has been a bit dodgy) who was even close to joining City before Claudio Bravo arrived. But do we need him? It'd be a bit like buying a second Rolls-Royce to keep in your garage, wouldn't it?

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12. Memphis Depay

Not quite the standard we should be aiming for, but at least he's a forward who knows where the goal is. The narrative is that he couldn't cut it in England, so the potential satisfaction of proving that it was really just a United problem bumps him up a few spaces.

11. Óscar Mingueza

Now we're getting somewhere. A young, promising centre-back, born in Barcelona just like Pep. The Mogoda Mbete has a nice ring to it. Only to be considered if Aymeric Laporte still wants to leave. 

10. Gerard Piqué

He knows Pep, knows the city and undoubtedly will want a taste of what it feels like to play for the best club in Manchester. He's got unfinished business here. But we're already stacked in that position.

As an added bonus, it's an opportunity to add Shakira to the prestigious list of musicians to come to Manchester. Tempting.

9. Sergiño Dest

His start at Barcelona hasn't been as good as many expected, but Dest is still young and has the backing of a loyal American fanbase. Maybe when Kyle Walker is too old, Dest will be coming into his prime as a back-up for Joao Cancelo? 

It's a stretch, but cut me some slack, I'm trying to put a positive spin on the footballing equivalent of swapping a high-end PC for a Nintendo Wii U here. 

8. Sergio Busquets

Maybe the only man other than Pep Guardiola who can teach Rodri something he doesn't already know about playing his position. But, if we're honest, he's getting on a bit. We've already got our ageing DM position filled and we like Fernandinho just fine.

7. Jordi Alba

At last!

Someone who could actually get in our starting XI. Well, for a bit... but he's going on 33 now and in a couple of years, we'll be back to looking for a left-back again.

Still, it would be fun to see him bombing down that wing while it lasts.

6. Nico González

One of Barça's rising stars; Nico has come into prominence this season and is starting plenty of matches. We'll see if he keeps his place when Pedri returns, but he certainly looks like one for the future. 

5. Ronald Araújo

Like Mingueza, this is an exciting defender who could come into the squad if Laporte was to leave. I can't see Barcelona letting him go. 

4. Gavi

Isn't it confusing having Xavi and Gavi at the same training ground? Wouldn't it be so much easier if you took one out of the equation? 

Don't worry, Barça, we'll take that wonderful little midfielder off your hands. Just because we're nice. We know how hard it can be to have two similar names at the same club - we spent three years listening to David Silva being called Bernardo, after all.

3. Ansu Fati

A little injury-prone, but undoubtedly extremely exciting and likely to become one of the best forwards in the world. I can already hear Txiki on the phone now: 

"Hey Barça, if you take our young Spanish goalscorer, we'll have yours- that sounds fair, right?"


2. Frenkie de Jong

This would be glorious.

Manchester City have been linked with the ex-Ajax star recently, and though we'd probably have to use Ferran Torres as a makeweight instead of the other way around, de Jong would be an awesome addition to the squad if Bernardo Silva still wants to leave and as Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan get older.

1. Pedri

It's a pipe dream, I know - Pedri has a famous €1 billion release clause and only joined the Catalan club recently. He probably doesn't even want to leave.

I suppose we just have to hope that they really, really want a goalscorer. Come on, Xavi: if you're eyeing up one of our first-team forwards, give up Pedri.

You know you want to...

So there you have it: There are players Manchester City would probably be happy to receive in exchange for Raheem Sterling or Ferran Torres, and there are players Barcelona would most likely be happy to part ways with if it meant bringing in one of their targets.

It's just unfortunate that the number of players in both of those categories is exactly zero.

That can only mean that Barça will need to find the cash from somewhere if they want to bring Sterling or Torres to Spain in January.

You might want to check down the back of the sofa, Señor Laporta - this player exchange thing just isn't going to work out.

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