A Manchester City spokesperson has responded to comments made in a FC Porto newsletter following the sides 0-0 draw in the Champions League. 

Earlier today, Record in Portugal released quotes from the newsletter which made quite controversial claims about City.

They started by saying; "The Manchester City coach and players, who struggled to cope with the result, should be grateful for the luck they had with refereeing again. After the scandals of the game in England, this time a penalty was missed for Ederson’s evident foul."

The release continued, "They were spared the sending off of Fernandinho, who at the age of 35 is a clear example that money in football counts a lot, but doesn’t buy class."

Speaking in particular about Bernardo Silva, they described him as someone who is 'known internationally for having been convicted of racism' and described Pep Guardiola as 'lucky'.

(Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

(Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

Club captain Fernandinho spoke out about last night's opposition with Esporte Interativo, saying, “They have a unique style, always pressuring the referee. All the fouls they get, they fall, screaming. It seems that they need to call the ambulance. But, it was difficult and complicated, like all of the Champions League.”

It's been rumoured all day that Manchester City may respond to the comments and a spokesperson had the following to say via Jack Gaughan of the Mail.

"This is not the first time Porto have reacted badly in circumstances like this. On this occasion it is the ill judged and targeted criticism of some of our individual players and indeed our manager, which we wholly reject."

They continued, "In 2012, it was the denial by the club of clear racist behaviour of their fans for which they were investigated and fined. In this context, this latest outburst is almost as surprising as it is disappointing.”


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