“They Make it 300 Times More Special” - Man City Star Makes Admission About Club's Fans

Manchester City’s star central defender Ruben Dias has labelled fans as a crucial part of football games, during a recent interview on Sky Sports.
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Dias’ arrival at Manchester City helped transform Pep Guardiola’s defensive line across the 2020/2021 season, after joining the club towards the back end of the summer transfer window in 2020 from Benfica.

Following an impressive run of games behind closed doors, the 24-year-old Portuguese international is now excited to play in front of Manchester City fans consistently - for the first time since making the switch from mainland Europe.

The conversation surrounding Manchester City fans has dominated football headlines over the better part of last week.

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However, Ruben Dias has insisted that Manchester City fans and football supporters on the whole make the game more special and directly impact players’ adrenaline during their matches.

In an interview with Sky Sports, and relayed by Football Daily on social media, the Manchester City defender has said the following about playing in front of fans of the reigning Premier League champions once again.

“They make it three hundred times more special and they give us three hundred times more adrenaline. So, the game can only be much better and yes, I think that they are the crucial part of the football game.”

Ruben Dias signed a new contract to extend his stay at Manchester City until 2027 at the very earlier, and at the time of signing the new deal, said that the club want to be one of the top three football clubs globally, and he 'shares that intention'.

The 24-year-old has also recently been elected as one of five leaders who will don the captain’s armband across the course of this season. Last week, he collected the 2020/21 Champions League Defender of the Year award before leading his team to a 6-3 win against RB Leipzig. 

Pep Guardiola confirmed that the players and backroom staff decided to include Dias in the captain’s pool, and he believes that they know who would be the person to represent them.

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