UK's biggest arena set to be built next to the Etihad Stadium earns £100m naming deal

The new arena next to the Etihad Stadium, scheduled to be built by 2023 and the UK's largest indoor arena, has won a £100m naming deal for 15 years.
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The new arena scheduled to be built next to Manchester City's Etihad Stadium has won a naming rights deal with Co-Op Live worth almost £100m, reports Lukasz Baczek

Manchester City Council’s planning committee have already given their assent to the plans for the new arena on the Etihad Campus. 

The Co-op brand have won the battle for the arena's naming rights, penning a 15-year deal that will see it named the Co-op Live Arena.

The arena will boast a capacity of 23,500, making it the UK's largest indoor arena - overtaking the Manchester Arena, with a capacity of 21,000. 

Manchester City own the majority of the land in the Etihad Campus, and the deal has been proposed by Oak View Group. It remains unclear how much of the revenue will go directly to City, if any, at this stage - but it seems likely that they will be entitled to at least a share of the revenue.

The plans for the venue took form in March. Construction is anticipated to begin in the next couple of months, with 2023 the schedule opening date. 

Feedback from the community, local companies, MPs and councillors were all submitted beforehand and have shaped the final proposal.

The arena will provide a further boost to the prestige of Manchester City Football Club, and hopefully help to create jobs and boost the local economy of the wider area. 


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