“We defend bad!” - Pep Guardiola slams defensive errors for Man City dropping points in recent weeks

Shruti Sadbhav

While Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City managed to draw against Liverpool, and providing at least some encouragement heading into the international break, they were stunned by Jose Mourinho-led Spurs on Saturday evening.

Five minutes in and Ederson had conceded an early goal courtesy of Son Heung-min sneaking past City’s high defensive line and burying the ball into the back of the net. In the second half, Giovani Lo Celso came on as a substitute and scored his first Premier League goal within a minute of stepping onto the pitch.

Manchester City, on the other hand, created plenty of chances but failed to convert. The visitors couldn’t score a single goal despite 22 attempts. In fact, their only goal of the evening was also ruled out through handball, thanks to VAR. The result looked worse at the back of a draw against Liverpool where City made a few similar mistakes.

Following the match, Pep Guardiola addressed the most significant concerns surrounding his team’s recent performance and said that a practically lousy defence gifted their opponents the ‘perfect’ opportunity to score goals.


Although the Catalan boss felt that his team were better in a lot of departments, he thinks that conceding goals like they did in their last two Premier League matches should not be acceptable.

Here’s what Pep Guardiola had to say after the match:

“The stats speak for themselves, we were better in all departments but concede a goal we cannot concede. I know what happened right now, the drop from Kane and the movement in behind from Son and [Steven] Bergwijn.”

He continued, “We defend bad, and we gave them the perfect scenario. They defend so deep. We created enough chances considering how difficult it is and the physicality. The reality is we’re struggling to score goals this season, this can happen, but you have to be [good] defensively."

"We concede a goal against Liverpool that cannot happen and today after five minutes concede that goal and it’s tough from that."


Pep Guardiola has previously spoken about Manchester City’s lack of goals this season. However, he didn’t shy away from calling out the defensive errors that have allowed opposition teams to rack up the goals against his side, despite a significantly low number of attempts. 


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I agree and I disagree..... I don't think that they have tuned Pep out by any means, it has been proven that they can score goals(champions league alone.) Of course it hasn't helped that we have had our strikers injured. But in the UCL, the teams in that competition study City and they still continue to be themselves and play their own game. It opens them up for us and makes it just a bit easier to get goals. Now, I do agree that there is a lot of pressure on the defenders and keeper but the keeper isn't at fault, (except for the goal from Leeds and the TOT goal yesterday) the problem is that the defenders aren't staying turned on. The majority of the GA is due to defensive errors. I also agree with you that they ARE knackered 6 ways to Sunday no doubt. The issues I see in the premier league is that the other 19 teams are parking the bus and hitting us on the break because they all know about our high line i.e; LC's 5 against us just that game alone. Other games as well were goals on the break. Foden should have started yesterday, not Riyadh IMOO. Raz as well. And have Torres play striker. I'd be willing to bet my dangly bits that the outcome would have been different. And if not bring on Gabby. ANYWAYS....... it's real real hard to open up a 8-10 man team in their own box when every game is that way, but it's not impossible. Take shots from distance, KDB, Foden, Ferran etc. If you start to shoot from the outside areas,it starts to open up the defense bit by bit and then you can try and hit someone with the low cross or whatever!! CHEERS!


Our pressing game isn't nearly good enough and there is too much pressure on the central defenders and keeper. I think the players tuned Pep out some time ago and they are also simply knackered, physically and mentally, as a result of the disruptions in league schedules because of COVID-19.