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Report: Marc Cucurella Likes Fabrizio Romano's Instagram Post Announcing Kalvin Phillips Agreement

Marc Cucurella has took to Instragram and maybe all but confirmed his transfer to Manchester City with the simple tap of a like button. The Spaniard's social media activity may just have confirmed his move to the Blue side of Manchester.

Fabrizio Romano posted his news of the Kalvin Phillips deal being agreed, and the Brighton left-backs reaction to the news may be a telling sign.

Marc Cucurella puts the ball past David De Gea

Marc Cucurella puts the ball past David De Gea

Marc Cucurella has liked Fabrizio Romano's post about Manchester City agreeing a fee with Leeds United for Kalvin Phillips. 

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The Spaniard also took to Twitter to like a post from CityXtra, reporting on Marc himself liking the post on Instagram. Is the full-back playing games? Or does he know something the rest don't?

Manchester City have been quick in this window, with every signing they've been linked with wrapped up in a reasonably fast fashion. It would come as no surprise if the Marc Cucurella deal was being done side by side with Kalvin Phillips.

The deal for Marc Cucurella is now expected to be announced as agreed in the coming days, and Manchester City may be planning to announce both on the same day.

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