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Report: PSG Signing Bernardo Silva Is Considered Unlikely

PSG have been linked to Bernardo Silva in the last couple of hours, but the idea of a transfer is deemed unlikely according to sources close to us here at City Transfer Room.

Barcelona have all but given up on a transfer for Bernardo Silva this summer, so the idea of PSG being able to sign the midfielder may be a bit hard to register. There is definitely interest from the French club, but a transfer at the moment is not considered imminent or likely.

Bernardo is now reportedly open to staying at Manchester City.


PSG signing Bernardo Silva is considered unlikely this summer

According to sources close us here at City Transfer Room, Bernardo Silva signing for PSG is highly unlikely, and it would be a massive shock if the transfer happened this summer.

Barcelona have been the name on everyone's lips surrounding Bernardo Silva this summer, but it was PSG who took the headlines this morning. Bernardo Silva is unlikely to sign for PSG this summer, and if he does leave Manchester City, it would be for Barcelona.

Luis Campos is a big fan of Bernardo Silva, so there is interest there, but the feeling is that it would be a massive shock for the transfer to actually formulate.

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Manchester City are now confident of keeping the midfielder at the club this summer, and according to Oliver Kay, the player may even be open to extending his contract

The Portuguese midfielders contract runs out in June 2025, but Manchester City may offer him a further year to cement his place at the club.

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