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Cristiano Ronaldo made his long-awaited return to Manchester United in the summer transfer window of 2021 but things did not go to plan.

The star finished last season as the club's top scorer but it was generally reported that he wanted to leave the club after the failure to qualify for the Champions League.

And with the arrival of Erik Ten Hag, the striker has found himself out of the team and has since left the club following his explosive interview with Piers Morgan, where he slammed the club, the manager and much more.

Erik ten Hag Cristiano Ronaldo

Former Premier League goalkeeper David James has spoken about the situation to The Games Cabin:

“There’s a financial benefit to having Cristiano Ronaldo in your team. I’m not going to go into the detail of the interview but the fact that he can command that position and talk about one of the biggest clubs in the world, in a negative way, should be a warning sign for anyone that wants to buy him, especially if you’re a Premier League club as the brand of the Premier League is the biggest in domestic football.

“The fear would be that if he shows any sort of dislike towards his next club, then that can embarrass them globally. I think Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram profile is greater than the rest of the Premier League combined. You’re asking for problems in my eyes.

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United

“You’d like to think that the board of any football club has the ability to work out whether the negative repercussions outweigh the financial positives he can bring. I personally believe it would be a dangerous thing to do.

He finished: "Let’s be fair, time gets us all in the end. Is Cristiano Ronaldo going to win you a league? Or would you be buying a player to benefit financially off the field? I wouldn’t be buying him if I was a Premier League club as I believe there’s too much risk there.”

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