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Paul Scholes Brands Manchester United Star a 'Disgrace' For His Behaviour This Season

Paul Scholes has called an experienced Manchester United star a "Disgrace" for his behaviour this season.

There are a whole host of players who have been called out for their performances or professionalism this season, but Uruguay international Edinson Cavani was one the former midfielder decided to focus on.

Scholes told The Mirror: “Cavani I think was a disgrace this year, he hardly ever played."

“He pulled out of the Middlesbrough game because he had to travel back from wherever he was." 

"Funnily enough, since that Middlesbrough game I think I heard last night United have won only five out of 18 games or something since then."

Edinson Cavani

“It’s been embarrassing, this manager now needs backing. Who’s going to help him do that? The club upstairs is still a bit of a mess, we don’t really know."

Raphael Varane is another player some have been frustrated with this season to an extent, also suffering from injury issues.

“Do you know what, we go back to last year as well we thought Ronaldo’s coming in, Varane is coming in."

He finished: "You are thinking, ‘yeah, here we go'. Varane’s been disappointing. I think he’s got away with it a little bit. A lot of injuries, hardly played a game.”

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