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Michael Knighton’s Preparation Of A Hostile Bid To Remove Glazers From Manchester United Moving Closer

A new video and interview with Michael Knighton has emerged online in which he states that a hostile bid from him and his consortium is edging closer as he looks to remove the Glazer ownership from Manchester United. 

Knighton has been a name that has floated around United for years and the possibility of him stepping in to attempt to dethrone the Glazers has been that of a rumour for the past few months at least. 

United fans staged another protest before the Brighton game last Sunday, something that Knighton says will continue until the Glazers decide to walk away from the club. 

However, Knighton goes onto say that a formal hostile bid is in the works as he looks to remove the Glazers from power at the club. 

Glazers Out

In an interview that has emerged on YouTube on Tuesday, Knighton speaks about the current situation and process of where him and his consortium are, saying;

“Everyone knows that we need new ownership in this football club. That is my aim those are objectives. We’re now working on the offer document. Remember it’s a hostile bid which means the club isn’t for sale.“

“But my intention is to present these owners with a legitimate, potent and proper commercial offer to say you’ve run out of road it’s time to go because your time is up.”

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