Ed Woodward urges UK Government to allow safe return for fans

Alex Turk

Ed Woodward seems to be, unsurprisingly, just as keen as everyone else to see the return of Manchester United fans at Old Trafford.

Football has been played behind closed doors in England since March when the coronavirus pandemic neared its peaked.

Hundreds of clubs have financially suffered as a result of a loss in ticket sales and other sources of matchday revenue.

With Old Trafford holding 75,000 spectators every game, United should be losing a lot more money than other clubs in England.

Speaking publicly on Wednesday, Woodward stressed that the UK Government need to let fans return as soon as possible, once it's safe.

He also gave plenty of examples of other situations where mass crowds are allowed, whilst football stadiums are still empty.

"Crowds have been permitted to return to varying degrees in over 20 European countries, albeit with significant capacity restrictions to allow for social distancing, and we urge the UK government to follow these positive examples as soon as it is safe to do so. While we recognise that public health must always be the priority, what is needed is a consistency of approach.

"If people are allowed to sit in a plane for hours, or in the cinema, or even watch football in a cinema, why not outside in a stadium environment which is professionally managed and controlled? If indoor concerts are allowed, why should outdoor, socially-distanced football fans be treated differently? Fans are the bedrock of this game and some of the inconsistencies out there are frustrating for them and for the clubs.”