Mason Greenwood: Person Before Player

Mason Greenwood has recently been under heavy scrutiny from the media.
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In the midst of a global pandemic, what has actually become endemic within young people, is the issue surrounding mental health. Although for the most part, people react and acknowledge this matter with the duty of care it deserves, there’s a particular sector where the duty of care appears to dwindle: young people in sport.

This is where I turn to my attention to the recent scrutiny within the media towards Mason Greenwood; a youthful boy who’s made youthful mistakes. But it garners the question whether those mistakes are worthy of the scrutiny that is beginning to fringe towards an assassination of character?

It just doesn’t really add up, although when you delve into the history of other players that have fell victim to the same micro-aggressions and targeting from the media maybe something actually does... add up.

With it coming to light that Mason Greenwood has been mourning the death of a close friend within the game, Jeremy Winsten, who succumb to mental health itself, it makes some of the mediated negativity towards Mason Greenwood even more baffling. Quite frankly it’s dispassionate, callous and flat out dangerous.

It’s understandable that young stars in sport should have a level of accountability, but it has long bothered me just how much the goal posts are moved when it comes to professional sportsmen and the general population.

The subtle dehuminisation of professional athletes has gathered pace rather than go the other way, with the power of social media helping to amplify this agenda. Money, fame and success do not devoid the likes of Mason Greenwood of emotion, nor does it normalise hate or defamation of character.

A generational talent who’s destined for great things for club and country, the potential motives behind the intensity of his criticism are quite alarming. Something needs to change, something needs to be done... and with the immeasurable talent and potential Mason has, with him merely just scratching the surface, I’d hate to be the one to drag him down before he’s even began to take off.

So Mason Greenwood, I’m right with you and I’m confident you’ll bounce back.