Manchester United and The Media: A relationship like no other

The media and Manchester United have such a love/hate relationship.
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The media and Manchester United have such a love/hate relationship. The media love to hate United and in turn, it helps them get clicks and sells newspapers. In this day and age with social media one news story can be round the globe in an instant with just a like or retweet. Not a day goes by without something relating to us in some way, shape or form. And as a lot of United fans would agree, we’re getting very tired of it.

Let’s take a look at just this season before plunging deeper into the history we have with the media. We are only 5 (yes FIVE) games into the Premier League season and we have already had an unhappy Bruno, Greenwood going off the rails and most recently we have had Marco van Basten coming out saying van de Beek has made a huge mistake joining United because of his limited playing time. All three of these stories have been written because it is easy to write negative news stories after a dull 0-0 draw. Negative Man Utd news is the best news to sell papers because of its appeal to the whole footballing world.

The first two stories got quickly quashed by the already loved Fernandes and Ole himself. I loved this approach to the media from both of them. It very quickly put a stop to the stories, which we all know can quickly spiral and cause tension and segregation not only within the squad but with the club and the fans. We have already had a quote from Solskjaer regarding the playing time of Donny but still remains to be seen how much playing time he will get in the near future. However, 5 of the 9 Premier League goals we have scored this season have come in the 69 minutes that he has been on the pitch should stand him in good stead.

The continuous story of our most marketable footballer, Paul Pogba, leaving the club is never too far away. This is the most frustrating and boring topic in football now. It has gone on for far too many transfer windows with Paul himself not helping himself or the situation out by answering questions to the media whilst on international duty. The fact he continues to talk about it along with Mino Raiola means that it will not be written or spoken about.

There has been a divide between mainstream media and Manchester United for a number of years, and the pinnacle of this divide was when Sir Alex refused to do any interviews with the BBC.

However, whilst there is a lot of negativity in the press regarding Manchester United and their players to get “clicks” there is one HUGE positive this year coming from our very own Marcus Rashford. His work for free school meals has been nothing short of exemplary, and I for one as a Manchester United fan is massively proud of him. And to give the tabloids, tv, radio and everyone else within the media their credit they have been absolutely behind Marcus and his team throughout.

Now, I am not complaining about the negativity we get around stories in the media. It does get insanely dull and repetitive but you have to accept it when you’re one of the superpowers in world football.

One thing for sure regarding Manchester United, in general, is that we are: