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Manchester United Will Not Double Casemiro's Real Madrid Salary

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Contrary to multiple accusations in the media, Manchester United have not offered Casemiro double his current wage at Real Madrid.

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Manchester United are on the verge of negotiating a deal for Real Madrid defensive midfielder Casemiro.

Madrid are prepared to accept a bid in the region of £60 million. Although the player has a good relationship with Carlo Ancelotti, the club would respect his desire to leave.

Reports suggested that United have offered Casemiro a 'dizzying' contract. There have been accusations that the club would be willing to double the Brazilian's current wage at Madrid.

Casemiro earns £10.5 million per year at Madrid and has three years remaining on his contract.

According to ESPN Brazil, these reports are sensationalising the truth behind United's offer to Casemiro.


Fernando Campos has revealed via Twitter that, to his understanding, this monster contract does not exist and that reports of a potential £20 million salary are fake.

He indicated that Casemiro is 'shook' by the challenge and size of Manchester United as a football club. 

United's proposal is allegedly similar to his contract at Madrid and the media has hyperbolised the amount, according to Campos.

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Campos continued to add further detail, indicating that the player is not being influenced by lucrative financial incentives,

'Casemiro is already a financially resolved player and is a guy who has already reached a high salary level for his quality. 

The decision will go through the personal side, professional perspective and what he projects for the future.'


Fabrizio Romano has confirmed Campos' suggestion that the contract offer is indeed being embellished by sections of the media, stating 'absolutely not double'.

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