Dutch fan Ben Oude Kamphuis completed his drive from San Francisco to Bahia, Brazil, in his 1955 Chevy truck.
Courtesy of Ben Oude Kamphuis
By Grant Wahl
June 11, 2014

SÃO PAULO — Remember our old friend Ben Oude Kamphuis?

I recently wrote a story about Oude Kamphuis, a 6-foot-7 Hulk Hogan look-alike who has spent the last five months driving his bright orange 1955 Chevy truck, Old Nellie, from his home in San Francisco through Mexico, Central America and South America all the way to Salvador, Brazil.

The goal: Make it in time to see his beloved Dutch national team face Spain there on Friday in the World Cup opener for both teams.

Well, we’re happy to say that Oude Kamphuis and Old Nellie arrived in Salvador with time to spare. In fact, he’s had enough time to hang out on the Bahia beach in nearby Praia do Forte in addition to getting his ticket for Netherlands-Spain.

Nellie, Ben Oude Kamphuis' truck, made it safe and sound from San Francisco to Brazil.
Courtesy of Ben Oude Kamphuis

“Bands are playing happy tunes,” Oude Kamphuis wrote from Praia do Forte. “Nellie is still getting tons of attention, but she is enjoying her rest here in Bahia … Nellie and me are feeling that we can take on the Spaniards and win this time. Then after that we go all the way to final. Hahah. Hope this finds u all in good happy and healthy spirit. Hugs love and peace. B”

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