German great Franz Beckenbauer has been banned by FIFA for 90 days for failing to cooperate with an investigation.
Ronny Hartmann/Bongarts/Getty Images
By Josh Sanchez
June 13, 2014

German great Franz Beckenbauer, who serves as a "special adviser" after leaving his role as a FIFA executive in 2011, was facing disciplinary sanctions from FIFA for his failure to answer questions about his role in the decision to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in Russia and Qatar.

On Friday, FIFA handed down their sanctions which prohibits Beckenbauer from participating in football activities for 90 days because of his failure to cooperate with the investigation. 

Beckenbauer violated the FIFA Code of Ethics and the ban will begin immediately.

FIFA released a statement on the 90-day ban:

Franz Beckenbauer has been provisionally banned from taking part in any football-related activity, at any level, for 90 days. The deputy chairman of the FIFA Ethics Committee’s adjudicatory chamber, Alan Sullivan, issued the ban at the request of the chairman of the investigatory chamber, Michael J. Garcia. The ban is effective immediately. The decision was taken pursuant to the FIFA Code of Ethics art. 83 par. 1, on the grounds that a breach of the Code of Ethics appears to have been committed and a decision on the main issue may not be taken early enough.

The apparent breach relates to Mr Beckenbauer’s failure to cooperate with an Ethics Committee investigation despite repeated requests for his assistance, including requests that he provide information during an in-person interview or in response to written questions provided in both English and German. The case is now the subject of formal investigation proceedings being conducted by investigatory chamber member Vanessa Allard as chief of the investigation.

Many believe that Beckenbauer may have been influenced by lobbying and bribery during the selection process - potentially being influenced by former FIFA executive member of Qatar, Mohamed bin Hammam. He also had a role as an ambassador for the Association of Russian Gas Producers (RGO) prior to Russia winning the 2018 bid.

Those questions will remain thanks to his unwillingness to cooperate with FIFA in their investigation.

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