June 20, 2014
Nancy Pierce at the World Cup in Orlando in 1994.
Courtesy of Nancy Pierce

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By Nancy Pierce, Plano, Texas:

In 1994 my boyfriend (now husband) and I had attended World Cup games at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. Each evening the postgame scene was centered around Church Street Station, where thousands of fans from several countries had gathered to celebrate.

As we were enjoying the raucous-yet-friendly party, someone called my name from one of the balconies overlooking the crowded plaza. I looked up to see John, the son of Ireland's manager, Jack Charlton. John and I had coached a bit together earlier that summer. He motioned for us to meet him at the door. We followed him up the stairs to a handsome room with a bar running the length.

Filling the room was the Irish National Team enjoying a well-deserved postgame beverage. So here my soccer-mad self spent the next several hours drinking Guinness with the men of Ireland as they prepared to enter the second round of the 1994 World Cup.

Not a night I will soon forget.

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