Former Argentina star and manager Diego Maradona, center in sunglasses, was a spectator for Saturday's 1-0 win over Iran.
Alex Grimm/FIFA/Getty Images
By The SI Staff
June 22, 2014

Diego Maradona and Argentina FA president Julio Grondona don't exactly see eye-to-eye and haven't for some time. So it should be no surprise that Maradona didn't take too kindly to being called a "bad-luck charm" by Grondona after Argentina's latest World Cup match.

Maradona, on the 28th anniversary of his "Hand of God" goal against England, reportedly left the stands at Argentina's 1-0 win over Iran prior to Lionel Messi's stunning stoppage-time goal, which prompted Grondona to tell reporters that the team won because its bad-luck charm had left the building. Maradona responded in kind, with a one-fingered salute on live TV:

Translated (via the AP):''I want to say to Grondona that what I have done was through work. What he has done was done from buying it from FIFA.''

Apparently Grondona doesn't watch How I Met Your Mother, because he simply could have just called Maradona "The Blitz" and avoided all the unpleasantries.

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