Christof Koepsel/Getty Images
By Alexander Abnos
August 23, 2014

Bayer Leverkusen's visit to Borussia Dortmund on Saturday was always going to be a good matchup. But few would have predicted it would start off on a historical note. 

That's exactly what Karim Bellarabi provided, though, as the speedy winger slotted home the fastest goal in the history of the Bundesliga, giving Bayer Leverkusen a 1-0 lead away from home after just seven seconds. 

Seven seconds? Why, that's just enough time for a Vine! 

Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp won't be happy with that one. Luckily for him, there are still roughly 89 minutes and 53 seconds left for the home side to recover. 

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