Cristiano Ronaldo had a hat trick, Javier Hernandez got two goals, and James Rodriguez scored once in Real Madrid's big win.
Miguel Riopa/Getty Images
By Alexander Abnos
September 20, 2014

James Rodriguez and Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez each scored their first goals in La Liga in stunning fashion, relegating a Cristiano Ronaldo hat trick to a second-tier storyline in Real Madrid's 8-2 win over Deportivo La Coruna. 

That said, let's go ahead and get this out of the way: Yes, Ronaldo scored a hat trick. Ho hum. Whatever. Here's the second goal, and here's the third one, but first goal (Real's first of the game) was probably the best of the lot, as the Portuguese used every bit of his neck strength to power this perfectly-placed header into the back of the net: 

However, James followed that up with a stunner of a goal to get off the mark in La Liga

By the time Chicharito entered the game in the second half in place of Gareth Bale (who had two goals himself), the score was 5-1 and Real Madrid was well on the way to victory. Then the former manchester United and Chivas man scored this, making him the first Mexican to score for Real Madrid since Hugo Sanchez in the '91-'92 season (h/t to ESPN's Paul Carr for that bit of info). 

Looks rather similar to James' goal, huh? So who wore it better?

However dominant Madrid may have been on the day, the win is just the club's second in its opening four La Liga games. The club hosts minnows Elche in its league fixture next weekend. 

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