Belarus President Keeps Soccer League Running Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has been the cause of many sports leagues stopping their play for the foreseeable future. Despite all that, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is standing firm, keeping arenas open for soccer and hockey. “It’s better to die standing than live on your knees.” These were the words he had in response to those who believe the European nation should instill rules to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Lukashenko believes with most of his competitors halting play, all eyes will be on the country’s soccer league “I look at Russia and some people there are winning a lot on bets, because beforehand they didn’t really know our teams. Someone’s losing, someone’s winning. It’s all useful.” There have been some safety measures taken in regards to fans. Fans who enter the stadiums are given anti septic hand gel and some have their temperatures monitored by medics. Currently, the country has 94 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with no deaths.