Premier League Could Return but Questions Remain

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SI's Luis Miguel Echegaray shares thoughts on the potential return of the Premier League and what hurdles the organization could face due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Luis Miguel Echegaray: After the British government gave the green light for matches behind closed doors to resume no earlier than June 1st, the Premier League lives on with the hope of resuming the 2019-2020 season pending, of course, the curve of the pandemic. It's not totally cut and dry. However, as important factors must still be figured out. For one, there definitely won't be fans inside stadiums anytime soon. And the conversation surrounding how and where these matches will be played remains in question. 

Liverpool's home stadium, Anfield

The neutral ground idea remains a tricky situation and one that does not sit well with the bottom six clubs. Then there is the obvious hurdle. How can health, safety and testing be assured within clubs for players and staff without taking away resources needed for local communities? But the fact is, government approval offers a key step towards the league to return. Even more so when F.A. chairman Greg Clarke recently stated the body would not support voiding of the season nor suspension of relegation. And if the campaign can't be completed, then encouraging a plan towards a sporting Mariet system. This, of course, is good news for Liverpool. The obvious leader who sits twenty five points clear in the table and sits on the brink of its first flight title in 30 years. 

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