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While all pro athletes are committed to staying in shape, some are more dedicated than others. Athletes were assessed on many factors, including physical benchmarks such as strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility and power, and performances in the last 12 months. SI searched gyms, fields, courts, tracks and trails around the world to find the best-conditioned athletes across all sports.

Count down to see who is the fittest male athlete in the world right now.


Hunter McIntyre

Spartan Race athlete

Hunter McIntyre is far from your typical athlete. The professional obstacle course racer (yes, you read that right) hardly eats any vegetables; he burns 4,000 calories a day without any workouts, so the guy needs more than some chicken breasts and broccoli in order to fully fuel his intense training. To prepare for his grueling races—the longest of which is 26 hours long—McIntyre uses plenty of props for his workouts, like sleds, sand bags, kettle bells, barrels, medicine balls and lots of weights.


Tony Kanaan

Indy Car

The 42-year-old Brazilian driver is an all-around athlete, participating in triathlons, marathons and endurance races, but also hitting the gym several times a week. It’s all for fun, but also so his 5’5”, 150-pound frame can withstand the mental and physical challenges of an intense race on the track.


N'Golo Kanté


Though he may not be Chelsea’s star player, 26-year-old Kante is a relentless midfielder and the team’s version of the Energizer Bunny—you’ll rarely see signs of fatigue and he tirelessly covers the pitch with an expert mix of stamina and speed. The Frenchman says his conditioning base comes from what he calls “invisible training,” or sleeping and eating well to take care of his health off of the field.


Eliud Kipchoge


Many believed that we would never see a sub-two hour marathon in our lifetime. Kipchoge brought us closer than ever with his 2:00:23 run during Nike’s Breaking2 project. The 2016 Olympic champion has a strong case for being the greatest marathoner in history and he makes it look easy in each of his races.

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Blake Griffin

Los Angeles Clippers | NBA

At 6' 10" and 251 pounds, Griffin's immense strengh and physicality has been on clear display since his days at Oklahoma. The Clippers star has said his workouts are often core-focused—a key to grabbing all those rebounds—and include pushups while gripping a ball, squats, and shooting drills while wearing resistance bands.

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Sam Kendricks

Pole vaulter

Just 24 years old, Kendricks is a U.S. Army Reserve first lieutenant and a 2017 world champion, after clearing 5.95 meters to edge 2012 London Games champ and veteran Renaud Lavillenie in London in June. Last summer, Kendricks—who is coached by his father and trains in Mississippi—went viral for stopping a jump at the Olympics to pay his respects to the national anthem, but his level of fitness will also be catching some eyes soon.

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Connor Barwin

Los Angeles Rams | NFL

To put it bluntly: Barwin is a beast. Drafted by the Eagles in 2009, the Rams linebacker stands at 6’4” and 255 pounds and excels in the weightroom, where he’s known to power clean weight equal to one of his NFL teammates.

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Jimmie Johnson


A seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, Johnson's training goes way beyond the racetrack. From triathlons and cycling, to an anti-inflammatory diet and sweat testing for maximizing his performance, Johnson goes above and beyond so he can put forth the strength and endurance needed behind the wheel.

/ while the track is drying the training never stops (video by Lyle Owerko)

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Drew Drechsel

American Ninja Warrior

An American Ninja Warrior veteran, Drechsel is a self-dubbed “real life ninja” whose athletic experience and expertise extends beyond obstacles such as the Warped Wall or the Salmon Ladder. From professional disc golfer to one of the top freerunners in the country, Drechsel’s fitness resume is impressive, and he even trains people at his own gyms in Connecticut.

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Rob Gronkowski

New England Patriots | NFL

Despite a season-ending back injury in 2016, 6’6”, 265-pound Gronkowski is still an insane all-around athlete and dominant force on the football field. And his passion for fitness extends beyond his ripped physique and six-pack abs: Gronkowski and his family also own Gronk Fitness Products, a signature line of workout gear and equipment.


Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks | NFL

At 5’11” and 215 pounds, the Seahawks’ quarterback might not have the same build as some of the other top passers in the league, but don’t let his size fool you. Wilson is as athletic as they come, mixing up his workouts with everything from strength training and speed drills, to boxing and Olympic lifts and more.

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Jaromir Jagr

NHL free agent

Jaromir Jagr has thrived for more than 27 years in the NHL because of his physical strength, remarkable vision and scoring abilities. The Czech veteran still makes an impact thanks to his training methods, ranging from resistance band sprints, medicine ball slap shot drills and Ki-Hara resistance stretching and mashing, a combo of Thai massage and other methods that increase blood flow and promote recovery.

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Hamish Bond


Bond and his New Zealand teammate, Eric Murray, never lost once in eight years—69 races, six world championships, two Olympic gold medals. With Murray’s retirement in April, Bond, 31, is considering a switch to road cycling and he’s already picked up wins—a true measure of his peak conditioning.


Aaron Judge

New York Yankees | MLB

It's hard to not feel small in New York City, but at 6'7" and 285 pounds, Judge, who's the largest position player in MLB history, doesn't seem to have that problem. Those 400+-feet homers this year's derby winner is crushing seemingly every night aren't a product of an all-weight lifting workout, either—Judge focuses on yoga and pilate moves as well to help with his motion.


Chris Hogan

New England Patriots | NFL

Hogan is not only a speedy wide receiver for the Patriots. He's also a former college lacrosse standout and a straight athletic freak who has experience in a handful of positions on both sides of the ball. From acceleration and agility drills to strength tests on the bench press—all done at an aptly-named facility called Freak Strength—6’1”, 220-pound Hogan makes it all look easy.

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Kawhi Leonard

San Antonio Spurs | NBA

In addition to adhering to a strict, clean diet and training his brain with strobe lighting, the 2014 NBA Finals MVP, who’s arguably the NBA’s best defender, is devoted to his workouts—it was even reported that Leonard left the 2017 All-Star Game in New Orleans right after it ended in order to make it back in time for his early morning exercise session.

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James Lawrence


Known as the “Iron Cowboy,” Lawrence—a father of five from London, Utah—did the near impossible in the summer of 2015, completing 50 Ironman races (a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run) in 50 days in 50 states. Because of his remarkable fitness feat, Lawrence is a two-time world record holder.


Galen Rupp


Despite the controversy surrounding his coach Alberto Salazar, 31-year-old Rupp is deserving of recognition as America’s best marathoner right now. After earning a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016, we could see Rupp chase a personal best at the Chicago Marathon in the fall, which means we’ll also see a lot of his typical multi-hour workouts—featuring weights, plyometrics and even soccer and boxing drills—in the near future.


Sam Mikulak

USA Gymnastics

Mikulak injured his Achilles in at the World Cup in February, but the four-time national All-Around champion is already back on the high bar. The 24-year-old, (who has a Pommel Horse move named after him), puts particular emphasis on stretching and properly rehabbing after a training session, particularly after his injury struggles—he's said he makes sure to do 10 minutes in the steam room and also spend some time switching between hot and cold tubs after a workout.

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Brad Snyder


Snyder, who lost his eyesight from an IED explosion while serving in the Navy in Afghanistan, won three gold and one silver medal at the Rio Paralympic Games last year, adding to his stockpile from London. He is also the current world record holder for the 100-meter freestyle events among fully blind swimmers.


Hassan Whiteside

Miami Heat | NBA

The Heat center, who stands at 7'0" and 265 pounds, has put in the extra time to build up the athleticism that has made him one of the top blockers in the NBA. His past training sessions have included three hours at the gym, including weights and footwork drills.


Steve Langton


After becoming one of four Americans to earn multiple medals at the Sochi Olympics, 34-year-old Langton officially announced his un-retirement in February as he tries to make the Team USA bobsled roster for the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang. Standing at 6’2” and 227 pounds, Langton is both explosive on the track and powerful in the weight room, where he can back-squat nearly 400 pounds.


Steven Stamkos

Tampa Bay Lightning | NHL

The 27-year-old Canadian is team captain for the Tampa Bay Lightning and he trains with NHL fitness guru Gary Roberts, whose cutting-edge techniques, workouts and nutrition plans are renowned around the league. Stamkos is dedicated to his training, following an organic diet and doing everything from sprint workouts on the track to yoga for recovery.


Kendrick Farris


A three-time Olympian, 30-year-old Farris was the only American male to compete in weightlifting in Rio. Many are surprised to hear that the 5’6”, 187-pound Farris follows a vegan diet, a nutritional approach that he credits for making him leaner, and more explosive and powerful.


Marquise Goodwin

San Francisco 49ers

Whether you know him as a speedy wide receiver in the NFL or as an Olympian long jumper, Goodwin is an athletic standout. Though he missed the Olympic team for Rio in 2016, the 26-year-old leaped to a personal-best long jump of 8.45 meters ahead of the Games and has now shifted his focus back to the gridiron, where he hopes to have a breakout season with the Niners.

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Evan Jager

Track and field, distance

In a 3,000-meter event that not only requires superior endurance but also the ability to jump over obstacles, Jager’s 6’2” frame and golden flowing locks clear hurdles and water jumps with grace. In his five years competing in the steeplechase, Jager has reached the podium at the Olympics and world championships in an event that has been dominated by Kenyans for years.

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John Cena


Don’t sleep on Cena just because he’s part of WWE. The 6’ 1”, 251-pound all-around athlete holds the record for most WWE Championship reigns with 13 and has pulled off some impressive fitness feats, both in and out of the ring, including squatting nearly double his body weight.


Rafael Nadal


Back at the top of the rankings for the first time since 2014, 31-year-old Nadal is known for his workman-like, grinding style of play, something instilled in him under the tutelage of his uncle Toni. Despite a 2016 wrist injury, Nadal toiled his way back—arguably returning stronger and more physically fit than his younger self—and won a historic 10th French Open and third U.S. Open title, bringing him to 16 career Grand Slams. And he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

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Cam Newton


They don't call him Superman for nothing. The 2015 NFL MVP, who holds the record for most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback and who also seems to take more huge hits from players than almost anyone else, puts an emphasis on lateral movement in his workouts, including sled pulls/pushes and box jumps. The 6'4", 245-pound star also uses a row machine and kettlebells to build his core strength.


Paul Rabil

New York Lizards LAX

Widely regarded as the best and most famous lacrosse player in the world, 31-year-old Rabil has been a star since graduating Johns Hopkins in 2008 with two NCAA championships and a school career scoring record as a midfielder. Standing at 6’3”, the 220-pound Rabil is ridiculously athletic with a sculpted, strong physique that makes him a dominating force on the field.

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Scott Jurek


An ultra-running legend, 43-year-old Jurek specializes in races beyond the 26.2 marathon mark. He’s a champion in nearly all of the sport’s elite train and road events, including the 153-mile Spartathlon, the Hardrock 100, the Badwater 135-Mile Ultramarathon, and the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, which he’s won a record seven-straight times.


Mike Trout

Los Angeles Angels

The Angels' superstar center fielder has learned over the years the importance of taking a day off in between workouts to give his body a break. The rest of the time, though, his regimen includes a focus on core, endurance, agility and power and explosiveness, the latter of which has in the past included pushing a massive tire back and forth. Trout missed two months of this season with an injured thumb, but, to the surprise of no one, he is already right back in the MVP race.

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Julio Jones


Who can't Julio Jones outrun? The man is a Speed Machine, making him even more of a nightmare for opponents who are already dreading his incredible ball control and vertical abilities that contributed to his 1,409-yard season in 2016. (Mohamed Sanu referred to the 6'3, 220 pound receiver as an "alien," which would honestly explain a lot.) If there's some kind of physical talent that Matt Ryan's most lethal weapon does not possess, then, well, you could've fooled us.

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Carlin Isles

USA Rugby

Known as the “fastest man in rugby,” 27-year-old Isles is recognized for his blazing-fast speed, but he also ran track professionally and had a brief career in the NFL. A Nike and Red Bull sponsored athlete, Isles’s signature workout features super-fast sprints up a ridiculous incline, either on a treadmill or any hill he can find.

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Giancarlo Stanton

Miami Marlins

Stanton's offseasons include intense sprints and jumps through the sand—a physical and mental workout that he says contributes to the power in his hips and his movement while he hits. Spoiler Alert: It's working. The Marlins' masher and four-time All Star has over 50 homers and over 100 RBI in what is arguably an MVP season.

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Demetrious Johnson


Nicknamed Mighty Mouse, Johnson packs a lot of power and strength in his small frame. Standing at 5’3", 125 pounds, he’s successfully defended his flyweight title 10 times, dating back to his first belt in 2012, and he’ll try for an 11th in October. When he’s not sparring, you can find him lifting weights or spending hours in the gym working on speed and agility.

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Kieran Read

New Zealand All Blacks Rugby

Standing at 6’4”, 245 pounds, Read has been the face of rugby for nearly a decade, all for good reason. The 31-year-old veteran is a dominant player and captain of the New Zealand All Blacks, owing to his consistency and masterful athletic performances on the field. Even with recent injury setbacks, Read is still considered the world’s finest number 8.


Alex Honnold

Rock climber

In June 2017, Honnold became the first to climb Yosemite’s 3,000-foot El Capitan wall without using ropes or other safety gear, adding to his impressive rock-climbing resume. Honnold uses mountain running to build his aerobic strength and general endurance and turns to special hangboard workouts to build finger strength, which he needs to support his 5'11", 160-pound frame while hanging from small edges of rocks and boulders.

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Chris Froome


The man that's won four Tour de France titles in the past five years is certainly physically fit. From off-season training in wind tunnels to a special diet to remain as lithe and lean as possible, 32-year-old Froome is particular about the small details that can make a big difference during a race.


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Gennady Golovkin


GGG is widely regarded as boxing’s best pound-for-pound fighter right now. The 35-year-old Kazakhstani middleweight champion is relentless in the ring, thanks to superb stamina, strong, skillful punches and superior strength. Against Canelo Alvarez in Sept., his title fight ended in a controversial draw, but many believe Golovkin had the edge, despite the judges’ scoring.


Jordan Burroughs


Burroughs won 74 kg gold medals at the 2012 Olympics and at the World Wrestling Championships in 2011, 2013 and 2015, but he came up short at the 2016 Rio Olympics, leaving without any hardware. But the beastly, 5’7”, 163-pound Burroughs returned to his gold medal-winning ways in 2017, helping the U.S. to its first freestyle wrestling team title since 1995.

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Conor McGregor


Ireland’s unapologetic, unabashed superstar athlete may have lost to Floyd Mayweather, but the 29-year-old’s ability to compete against one of boxing’s best—after already making history in a completely different sport, becoming the first to hold two UFC belts at two different weight divisions at one time—speaks to his insane level of fitness and athletic abilities.


Wayde van Niekerk

Track and field, sprint

No one jogs a lap around a track in under 44 seconds except Wayde Van Niekerk. The South African sprinter is track and field’s next biggest star. He broke Michael Johnson’s 400-meter world record while sprinting out of Lane 8 (track’s no man’s land) in the Olympic final in Rio and most recently added his second world championship gold medal. Fast and relaxed are synonymous with Van Niekerk.

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Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder | NBA

Westbrook earned the 2017 NBA MVP after averaging a triple double over the season, a feat no NBA player had achieved since Oscar Robertson in 1961–62, and earning a record 42 of them. Standing at 6’3”, Westbrook has an impressive 7-foot wingspan, explosive speed and stamina—plus a smooth shot.


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Odell Beckham Jr.

New York Giants | NFL

What, you think the receiver responsible for one of the most iconic catches in NFL history is going to have a normal workout routine? Yeah, not so much. This offseason, the 5'11", 198-pound receiver's training included plenty of intense footwork and resistance drills, weight lifting that included jumping with the weight in hand and tossing and catching a brick in his hands.

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Pittsburgh Steelers | NFL

You’ll typically find 39-year-old Harrison in a gym, decked out in his all-gray Steelers sweatsuit, splattered with sweat stains, and pushing, pulling or lifting an unreal amount of weight. As the Steelers linebacker enters his 14th season, he’s added acupuncture, massage therapy and other recovery techniques to balance his over-the-top conditioning workouts and keep his body in peak form.

DB incline

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After breaking his back in two places as an Olympic hopeful weightlifter, Fraser was told he'd never be able to lift again. But now he’s a two-time CrossFit Games champion, winning back-to-back Fittest on Earth crowns in 2016 and ’17 and proving that he’s proficient (and downright strong) in traditional Olympic lifts, short distance swims and runs and rope climbs, as well as the Games’ unknown, surprise events that test every aspect of conditioning.

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The Swiss Maestro needed surgery in 2016 to repair a knee injury after a freak accident while drawing a bath for his young daughters, but the fact that it was the first procedure of his 19-year career was a testament to his superior fitness and durability. At 36, Federer is at the top of his game, vying for Grand Slam titles and all-time records, without showing any signs of slowing down.

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Cleveland Cavaliers | NBA

What is there to say about LeBron that hasn’t already been said? You know you’re the King of Workout Videos when Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving imitate your gym dances at a wedding. Some highlights from his repertoire: running up and down the court non-stop and dunking each time (total of nine dunks), and balancing on his knees on a ball with a Bodyblade-like stick in his hand. Strive for greatness, indeed.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid

Portugal’s famed footballer is also renowned for his picture-perfect physique, but that trademark six-pack and those enviable quad muscles are a product of Ronaldo’s obsession with fitness. From sprints to soccer-specific drills, to weightlifting and endurance workouts, Ronaldo’s training embodies every aspect of physical and mental conditioning.

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