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What If ... these four entirely realistic trades had gone down?

by Jacob Feldman

From CP3 to Randy Moss, imagining the biggest near-swaps in sports—and their fallouts.

WHAT IF ... Cardinals send prospect Albert Pujols (not Fernando Tatís; it was close) to Expos in '00.

NEW ENDING: Alongside Vlad Guerrero, '01 R.O.Y. pushes Expos deep in playoffs; TV bidding war ensues; Montreal stadium interest revived.

WHAT IF ... David Stern approves proposed three-team trade (LAL-HOU-NOH) landing Chris Paul with Lakers. 

NEW ENDING: CP3 helps Kobe find triumphant final act; Rockets lack assets to land James Harden; Hornets aren't bad enough to get top lottery pick (Anthony Davis).

WHAT IF ... Yankees' George Steinbrenner gets his way, sends Mariano Rivera to Mariners in '96. 

NEW ENDING: Yanks wilt without '96 WS savior; Rivera helps Seattle over playoff hump; Griffey-Ichiro-A-Rod Mariners rise.

WHAT IF ... Packers and Raiders' Randy Moss find contractual middle ground, execute near-swap of '07.

NEW ENDING: Brett Favre teams up with Moss in 15–1 season that ends with SB XLII glory; No. 4 makes clean break from NFL; Aaron Rodgers inherits dominant offense.