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Changing America, Changing Sports: Share your story

SI is looking for your stories about how a changing America is changing sports.
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Changing America, Changing Sports

SI is looking at how a changing America is changing sports—ways that demographic trends (immigrants, a growing Latino population, Millennials) are showing up in the games we play and watch, from the grassroots to the pros.

We’re eager to hear stories from where you live. Has some sport gained a surprising foothold in your community thanks to recent arrivals? Has a traditional sport been eclipsed, or maybe enjoyed new life, as a result of newcomers? How are businesses that use sports as a marketing tool adapting to a new reality?

Whether it's Friday Night Lights with a Tex-Mex flair, or a family’s soccer loyalties split generationally between El Tri and the USMNT, or Asian-American kids hooping with swagger thanks to Jeremy Lin, we want to hear your story.

Tell us by filling out the form below. You can also tweet photos and videos to @SINow by using the hashtag #ChangingSports.