May 16, 2016


No one does in-depth reporting and original storytelling better than SI. As a reader of SI, we know you value that content. To fund that content we rely heavily on money generated by advertising.

Ad Blockers prevent you from seeing advertising on the web, but they also hamper our ability to provide the type of journalism you've come to know and love. 

We encourage you to whitelist so that we can continue delivering the best content from the most trusted voices in sports.

Here's how to add a website to AdBlock Plus's whitelist. (Note: For the purposes of this tutorial, AdBlock Plus for Chrome will be used. Your browser settings may be different, so please refer to AdBlock Plus's instructions if you're utilizing a different browser.)

1. Icon: To the right of your address bar, you will see a stop sign-shaped icon with the letters "ABP" inside it. Click this icon.
2. Options: You will see Options at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Click Options.
3. Options Menu: You will now see the Options menu. The third tab in the Options menu is titled Whitelisted Domains. Click Whitelisted Domains.
4. Adding to Whitelisted Domains: You will see a small text box and a larger text box below it. Type the website you wish to have whitelisted into the small text box and then click "Add Domain" The chosen site will now be unaffected by the Ad Blocker.


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