The best hacking claims, most delightful typos, champion-caliber trolling and other award-worthy tweets from 2014.

By Lindsay Applebaum
November 02, 2014

In addition to our annual list of 100 sports-related accounts to follow on Twitter, we're highlighting the year's most noteworthy tweets in a variety of extremely important categories. Here are the big winners: 


Most Believable Hacking Claim: Kevin Durant

It helps to have an alibi.

Honorable mentions: Tony Allen, Steve Weatherford


Least Believable Hacking Claim: Jim Bowden

The story: A fake Twitter account for MLB Network's Joel Sherman tweeted incorrect trade news, and shortly thereafter, somebody tweeted the same report from Jim Bowden's account. According to Bowden and his employer, it was a hacker. Read the blow-by-blow report and judge for yourself.

Honorable mention: Irina Rodrina


Best Subtle Swipe at an Ex-Fiance: Caroline Wozniacki

Getty Images

Caroline Wozniacki could have bashed Rory McIlroy to the media after he abruptly ended their engagement, but she remained the bigger person. Get it?

Honorable mention: L.A. Kings at John Gibson


Best Point About How Ridiculous the Concept of Fantasy Football Is When You Apply it to Regular-People Jobs: Stevie Johnson


Most Awkward Account Deactivation: Xander Bogaerts

The Red Sox infielder tweeted a picture of a woman in a thong, then quickly deleted his account.

Honorable mention: Matt Harvey tweeted a photo of himself giving the middle finger, then deactivated his account after the Mets asked him to take the photo down. He's since returned.


Most Delightful Typo: Tony Dungy

At least, we think this was a typo.


Worst World Series TV Promotion: KCTV5


Best Burn by the Greatest Basketball Player of All Time


Best Richard Sherman Fight

Jeff Cross/Getty Images

Let's go with his knockout win over LeGarrette Blount. Wait, no, the one against DeAngelo Hall. Perhaps the one wth Michael Crabtree?


Worst PR Nightmare: Richie Incognito

Richie Incognito probably should have run these tweets by somebody.

Honorable mentions: Mavericks PA Sean Heath, Ian Poulter.


Most Valuable Selfie: Roger Federer


Best 'Friday' themed selfie: Mike Tomlin


Best Response to a Troll: Eric Bledsoe

Can't go wrong with a classic.

Honorable mentions: Richard Sherman, L.A. Kings, Rory McIlroy, Rich Clune

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