November 07, 2008
PETER KING: Kurt Warner has resurrected himself and the moribund Cardinals.
KOSTYA KENNEDY: Detroit Red Wings captain Nick Lidstrom made history in June.
PABLO S. TORRE: Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton got his life and career back on track.
MICHAEL BAMBERGER: The Anderson Monarchs take the race out of soccer.
CHRIS BALLARD: Tiger Woods' Open performance transcended sport.
IAN THOMSEN: Celtics embraced team-first philosophy en route to winning their title.
MICHAEL FARBER: Central Washington softball players restored faith in sport, human nature.
RICHARD HOFFER: At the age of 43, Bernard Hopkins proves he still has what it takes.
JIM TROTTER: Soft-spoken Nnamdi Asomugha making impact on the field, and off.
AlEXANDER WOLFF: Abhinav Bindra gave citizens of India a reason to smile.
LEE JENKINS: Fresno State's baseball squad shocked the world by winning the CWS.
LUKE WINN: Milwaukee was down on its baseball luck ... until CC Sabathia came along.
GEORGE DOHRMANN: Hope Solo overcame adversity in helping the U.S. women's soccer team win gold.
JON HEYMAN: Joe Maddon turned a laughingstock franchise into one of baseball's top teams.
JACK McCALLUM: Gold-medal winner Joey Cheek is raising awareness about the crisis in Darfur.
SETH DAVIS: Barack Obama took lessons from the hardwood to become the next president.
JONAH FREEDMAN: Brian McBride had plenty of reason to complain, but kept his mouth shut and played hard.
LARS ANDERSON: Jimmie Johnson is a true gentleman, as well as the nation's top driver.
JOSH GROSS: Anderson Silva is the most explosive talent in the world's most explosive sport.
DAMON HACK: Padraig Harrington picked up the slack for a Tiger-less PGA Tour.
JOE POSNANSKI: Stephen Curry brought the fun back to college basketball.
JON WERTHEIM: Rafael Nadal beat Federer and became the new king of the court.
SELENA ROBERTS: Candace Parker made women's basketball must-see TV.
SI LATINO: Guillermo Barros Schelotto is a hero in Argentina -- and the MLS.
AUSTIN MURPHY: College football is full of conventional coaches. Mike Leach is not one of them.
PHIL TAYLOR: Bill Russell taught Kevin Garnett what it means to be a champion.
DAVID EPSTEIN: Kobe Bryant isn't just a star in Los Angeles -- he's a worldwide phenomenon.
GRANT WAHL: SI deserves a mulligan on the McGwire-Sosa choice for 1998, so I'm choosing John Elway.
KELLI ANDERSON: She didn't win gold in '08, but Dara Torres will have a lasting impact.
CHRIS MANNIX: The true sportsmen are those who put aside their career to serve in the military.
JOHN GARRITY: The Ryder Cup rookies sparked the U.S. to a rare victory.
ARASH MARKAZI: The New York Giants won the Super Bowl in improbable fashion.
S.L PRICE: Alexander Ovechkin electrified the moribund Washington, D.C., sports scene.
BRIAN CAZENEUVE: The U.S. men's volleyball team triumped after tragedy in Beijing.
TOM VERDUCCI: Baseball lifer Charlie Manuel finally earned his World Series ring.
TIM LAYDEN: Track and field was dying ... and then Usain Bolt came and saved it.
KEVIN ARMSTRONG: Longtime BC coach Jerry York is teaching his players more than just hockey.

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