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Virginia students did an incredible job replicating the John Paul Jones Arena on their beer pong table.

By Extra Mustard
November 11, 2014

Beer pong is a time-honored tradition at colleges around the country. 

Throughout the years, we have seen college students come up with some of the most creative and good-looking beer pong tables in the world. That's exactly what a few students at Virginia have done with their replica of the Cavaliers' basketball court at John Paul Jones Arena.

This was a cool idea and very well done. Reddit user @cft4nh uploaded the photos to Imgur over the weekend and shared them on r/CollegeBasketball. You can see the table in all of its glory below:

These students certainly aren't the first ones to create such in-depth replicas. Matt Norlander of CBS Sports, who found the UVA beer pong table, has posted plenty of others done to near perfection.

- Andrew Melnick

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