Nathan MacKinnon is one of several NHLers wearing the CCM's revamped Tacks line of skates.
Dustin Bradford/Icon SMI
By Michael Blinn
June 24, 2014

When CCM announced it would be bringing back its iconic line of Tacks skates for the first time in a decade, the company surely expected to generate some buzz in the hockey world. 

What the equipment maker probably didn't anticipate was needing help from the authorities as it nears the re-launch.

The plan was for three shipping containers to be in a Montreal warehouse on June 13, but problems in Vancouver delayed delivery for four days. When they arrived, what should have been a breath of relief turned into another problem: only two of the three containers arrived. 

Steps between Vancouver and Montreal were retraced, covering a 3,000-plus mile span, and while the missing container did turn up, it was devoid of the roughly 2,000 pairs of skates it should have been carrying.

Police are in the midst of a full investigation, but they've yet to turn up more information. 

The skates, which are expected to sell in the $200-800 range, will be available for retail on July 18.

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