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By Michael Blinn
September 05, 2014

During the off-season several NHL teams have taken the plunge into advanced statistics, trying to get a handle on the next generation of player scouting tools. 

On Thursday, fans were introduced to a whole new set of "fancy stats" by Reddit user Niehaus, who mined subreddits of 216 professional sports teams for their word usage and determined which fans curse more often than others.

The result was possibly the least surprising news the internet has ever had: Boston Bruins fans swear at a rate of just over 1.6% per word, higher than any other pro sports team supporters. The NHL's next biggest group of potty-mouths belong to New York Rangers fans,at a rate of about 1.35%. In fact, five of the top-ten profanity-laced subreddits were NHL-based (Flyers, Blackhawks and Blues fans came in at No. 6 through 8).

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Anybody who doubts the authenticity of the results can look to this article to see Boston's fine history with the art of the swear word.

Here's a look at how NHL teams stacked up against each other:

Rate of Swearing: NHL fans

And here are the top 71 sports teams with the most foul-mouthed fans on the internet:

Rate of Swearing: All sports fans

The results for the rest of the 216 fan base can be found here, and a detailed look at the creator's methodology in creating these graphs is here.

(h/t to /r/hockey)

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