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Will Mekhi Becton Be An Offensive Weapon for the Jets?

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Offensive lineman Mekhi Beckton once ran for a touchdown during his collegiate career at Louisville. New York Jets drafted Beckton with their first found pick and now the question is brought up, could he do it again?

Kaitlin O’Toole is joined by Jets Country Kristian Dyer and SI’s Fantasy and Gambling analyst Bill Enright for their insight.

Kaitlin O'Toole: In college at Louisville, Mekhi Becton once ran for a touchdown. Joining me now from Jets' country is Kristian Dyer and SI's fantasy and gambling analyst Bill Enright. Kristian, is it feasible to think that the New York Jets might be able to do this with their first-round pick?

Kristian Dyer: Well, why not? The Jets certainly could use all the help they can get on offense. This was one of the league's worst three rushing offenses a season ago and they need more than Le'Veon Bell to punch it in. I think Mekhi Becton coming in goal-line situations or short-yardage situations certainly could be advantageous. The Jets have also built up their depth along the offensive line so potentially they could plug Becton in every once in a while at running back. I have to think 364 pounds of man in a goal-line situation could be pretty enticing for a Jets offense that needs to punch it in every once in a while.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Bill, I want your take on this. Could Becton really help the Jets rushing attack?

Bill Enright: Well, he'll certainly help the Jets rushing attack by playing offensive line. That's why they drafted him with the 11th overall pick. Last year, Gang Green had the tenth least amount of rushing attempts in the league. They were 31st in yards per game with just 78.6. Le'Veon Bell had a career-low in 3.2 yards per carry. So, Becton needs to open up some rushing lanes for Le'Veon Bell to run through whether that's him lining up his tackle or has a fullback, as Kristian mentioned, in goal-line situations. The answer will be that Becton will help the Jets' rushing attack in 2020, otherwise, they wouldn't have drafted him with that 11th overall pick. Very, very expensive draft capital. But maybe they do get a little bit creative. We've seen guys like JJ Watt catch a lot of touchdown passes for the Texans. Mike Vrabel did it a lot when he played for the Patriots. So if Adam Gase wants to get creative, Becton certainly does have the athleticism to let him do that.

Kristian Dyer: Mekhi "the refrigerator" Perry. I love it.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Definitely a good weapon for the Jets, guys. Thank you so much for your insight. I really appreciate it. For the latest fantasy and gambling analysis, stay with