Valentine's Day can be a stressful occasion for everyone but SI Swimsuit models Nina Agdal and Alyssa Miller have you covered. The dynamic duo (who now refer to themselves by the catchy moniker of "Alina") have some words of advice for you guys out there as you prepare for the big day. And wouldn't you know it - they both hate Valentine's Day. But don't let that ruin it for you. From the perfect date plans to the best present, Alyssa and Nina have you covered as you prepare for the Super Bowl of romance.

So just to review, both girls think Valentine's Day is cliche and a good boyfriend/husband will treat their women like a queen 365 days a year, not just a random day in mid-February. That being said, both girls do have certain expectations and hopes for their ideal night of romance. Nina's perfect date involves couples cooking, relaxing on the couch with a movie and  then cuddling in bed. The way to Alyssa's heart is also through her stomach as she admits that there's nothing sexier than a man cooking for his significant other. Speaking of things Alyssa finds sexy, she confessed to having a huge crush on actor Tom Hardy (though she had a lot of trouble remembering his name, which makes one question the validity of the crush). So now that two of the world's hottest supermodels have shared their Valentine's Day secrets, you have no excuse to mess this day up. Good luck gentlemen.