SwimDaily asked Emily DiDonato to list the 10 favorite things in her New York City apartment. Here’s what the first-year model chose:

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1. My bed. It's my favorite place. I love being in my own bed and getting a good night's sleep. The thing I love the most about it is the headboard -- it's beautiful and my mom made it, so it's special to me. 

 emily d bed

2. Candles - Lighting a candle always makes things feel cozy and 'homey'. I always have some burning when I'm at my place. Obviously, Diptyque is my favorite. 

 emily d candles

3. My fireplace - It's one of my favorite things about my apartment. It's so cozy in the wintertime and a beautiful center to the room. Right now I have some candles in it which I like, plus it's easier than starting a whole fire.

 emily d fireplace

4. Photos of family and friends -  I have them all over the house; I love old childhood photos of me with my siblings. It's comforting to have photos of my favorite memories all around. 

 emily d photo 2emily d photo

5. My spin shoes - I am Soul Cycle obsessed, I go everyday! It's one of my favorite things to do.  It's an amazing workout and I always have such a good time.

 emily d spin shoes

6. My favorite leather jacket - I wear it almost everyday -- it's so comfortable and cool. Plus, it goes with everything. 

emily d jacket 

7. Candy and Chocolate - I have a big sweet tooth. Gummy bears and dark chocolate are my guiltiest pleasures so I always have them around.

 emily d snacks

8. My favorite bag - It's perfect for traveling. It fits everything and it's so gorgeous! I use it everyday.

emily d bag 

9. My Nespresso Machine I need my coffee in the morning. I can't function without it! I love this machine--it's quick and makes really good, strong espresso. I drink it iced every morning.

 emily d coffee

10. iPad Mini - I always have tons of TV series on it for when I travel and I love facetiming my friends and family with it whenever I am away. It makes me feel closer to home being able to speak to my family and see them.

emily d ipad mini Not sure what your plans are, but we're about to throw on our leather jacket, grab our Givenchy bag, drink an iced espresso and head out the door to Soul Cycle. Maybe we'll see Emily there.