By Madison Vain
March 27, 2013

Adaora is back, breaking down her favorite celebrity men's looks -- as well as one lucky reader's pointed question: "Does this make you go "mmm-hmm?"

1. First up, Jay Z:

Jay-Z :: Getty Images Jay-Z

A.) Jay looks fresh and sophisticated in this suit. His low hair cut and shape-up are crisp. And I love the tuxedo jacket paired with the skinny black tie! And those shiny shoes? They make him look like the boss he is!

B.) Jay looks super youthful and hip in this look. From his mini 'fro to the v-neck t-shirt, dark denim jeans and black high-top converse, he is reinventing cool. I love how he adds "mmm-hmm" style with the vest, belt, buckle, and shades!

C.) I love how J brings personality and coordination to this military look. From his shell top Adidas to the length of his military style watch, this look has edge. 


2. Mr. Suit & Tie himself, Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake

A.) What I love about Justin's vest look is that he looks refined but very relaxed. His dress shirt is unbuttoned and the sleeves are rolled up, making him appear down to earth. 

B.) Justin brings sexy to this very sophisticated black & white look from head to toe! It's not your typical suit, but a classic tuxedo look with a modern twist. The color coordinating pocket square and shape adds personality and charm to the look. I love the jacket's sheen and obviously that everything is custom fit. His sleek side part hair style is really clean and classic and the shoes just bring it all together! 


3. Pharrell Williams [remember when Pharrell and our No. 2 man, JT, made that "Senorita" video together? This reminds us of why we kept that thing on repeat for so many weeks...]

Pharrell Williams Pharrell Williams

A.) I love how Pharrell brings "mmm-hmm" style to even a basic white t-shirt and demin look with the shades, plaid button-up, and neck chains. Just goes to show, sometimes simplicity really works!

B.) I love Pharrell in this jacket; it's funky but sophisticated. The jacket is bold but doesn't overwhelm because the rest of his wardrobe pieces are muted and match the jacket colors. The bow tie and wristwatch makes the outfit even more interesting! Accessorize boys! 


4. You may not recognize the name...but the face? The style? Unforgettable: Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe Boris Kodjoe

A.) I love how sexy, confident, and laid back Boris is looking in this tuxedo! He still looks sophisticated, despite not wearing a tie and his shirt is unbuttoned because the tux is a perfect fit. Boris is owning this look!

B.) I love how Boris accessorizes with his hat, cuff links, wristwatch and belt in this simple day look. 


5. Our lucky ready, who snagged Adaora's eye with his look and question! Max Miller


From Max:

Adaora, I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon. This is my go-to outfit for carrying water. Proper ventilation, good amount of shoulder exposure to get my tan on. Athletic shorts so I can have a full range of motion while walking across a makeshift bridge and down my dirt stairs. Does it make you say mmm-hmm?

-- Max

Max! I love that you're showing off that skin and amazing physique, especially for a great cause. You're also color coordinating a bit with the splash of red on your shirt and red shorts. You look seems reflective of your personality, so YES, you've got that "mmm-hmm" style! 


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